Thursday, September 6, 2007

Organizational Management

Here we go, the main reason why sometimes work just sucks. Is it just me or does every company have organizational problems?

It starts in the morning and my main supervisor is at her desk looking over an email I sent the day before. She calls me to her desk and yells at me to not take copy from my other supervisor. My other supervisor gave me different copy the day before for a web page when she was not at her desk. I changed the copy, because it all looks the same to me and some copy was missing. I replied back questioning her why he would give me different copy for the same page.

So I get yelled at for taking instructions from one of my supervisors. This is insane, because this slows down the project we're working on. I talked with my main supervisor and she is supposed to straighten this out, and she told me to always bring her what my other supervisor wants changed. I do this by sending her emails of the changes and I always keep backups of the old web pages. I have like 8 versions of the home page right now.

But really, it nerves me that my supervisors can't get together when someone wants something changed. It probably won't take but 5 minutes for everyone to agree that this button needs to be blue or this text needs to be to the right. Honestly, I'm learning so much from this experience, about organizational management. I'm a very organized person by nature and my supervisors are what gives me the most stress, not the work!

So, I've decided to make a list to share or reference for myself on organized workflow within a small team of 5 or so:
1. Know who all is working on the project and get their contact information
2. Make note of each person's responsibility in the project
3. Make a timeline and follow it
4. Create a request for change form with deadlines for reviews
5. Have weekly meetings to discuss what's been completed, what's being worked on, and what's coming up.
6. Have a meeting with everyone to discuss even the simpliest change on a web page
7. Assign a person to be in charge of the final decision

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