Saturday, September 15, 2007

Designing/Developing for the iPhone, the Next Big Thing?

I recently came across the August 28th article by Craig Hockenberry entitled "Put Your Content in My Pocket" from ALA. The main focus of the article is on Mobile Safari and how you can "clean" up your current site to render as expected for iPhone users.

Craig goes on explaining all kinds of things to consider when designing or developing a website for the iPhone. For example, the resolution of the iPhone screen is 320px by 480px, text should be at least 40px large (or use percentages or ems for compliant web standards), and using microformats for links to phone numbers. Also he gives you tips on how to style a separate CSS for the iPhone and using any AJAX or JavaScript.

I've only read part one so far; part two is more on design, which I can't wait to read. I think these articles should be read by every web designer and web developer out there. One reason comes from part one of the articles in that Craig states,

"Many of these ideas can be useful and effective with other mobile devices. The processing power of these devices will continue to increase, bringing an end to a "dumbed down" mobile web. The iPhone may be just the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the storied life of HTML."

I personally think this is extremely important for the age of cell phones with Internet service. I'm not going to jump on the buy-an-iPhone-now wagon, but if Apple plans to sell over 10 million device that use the Internet by 2008, I'm sure I'm going to read and study as much information about designing and developing for the iPhone and other cell phones as I can.


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