Monday, September 10, 2007

New Site I Checked Out - Create Network

For the past week now I've been on the Create Network web site, part of Create Magazine, and I still haven't seen everything this web site has to offer. I can't remember how I got to it, probably through some blogs I normally read. The Create Network is a site about networking designers; from graphic designers to photography. You can sign up for free and post some of your portfolio pieces. You can talk with other designers and check out the job board. They even have this image battle on which your uploaded images get rated in these random "battles" that other people vote in. I've also been listening to their podcasts to get some more info on who they are and how this got started. Here's where you can subscribe to their casts.

From what I know so far is that Create Magazine is located in Orlando, Florida and their site, Create Network, is loaded with useful stuff for all types of designers!

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